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Working at Tembec

We’re looking for people who share our priorities

Rayonier Advanced Materials needs motivated and qualified people to join our team, and build rewarding careers in professional, technical and manufacturing roles.

Join a company that puts safety first and the environment a close second

Safety is our first priority. Every group meeting at Rayonier Advanced Materials starts with a talk about working and living safely. This focus has helped us improve our safety record.

Rayonier Advanced Materials is a global leader in sustainable forest management practices. Our products start in the forest – a renewable resource – and we are well aware that well-managed forests are good for our business and for the environment.

We use the whole tree to make our products, extracting full value from fiber in our manufacturing operations. This includes converting residuals of our manufacturing processes and wastewater into green energy (electricity and biogas) at five of our sites.

We compete in global markets, so we need exceptional talent

In all our businesses, we must meet the expectations of our customers, who include global industry leaders. And we must measure up against competitors worldwide. All this means we need people with skills and drive of the highest order.

We focus on businesses where we have significant competitive advantages. For example, Rayonier Advanced Materials is first in the world in production of specialty cellulose, used in growth industries such as pharmaceuticals, packaged foods and cosmetics. And we’re the outright leader in high-yield hardwood pulp, which has less environmental impact than other pulps.

Work in beautiful surroundings

Our manufacturing and forestry operations are located in exceptionally scenic parts of northern Ontario and Québec. If you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle – hiking, boating, fishing, skiing, camping, you name it – chances are you’ll love working for Rayonier Advanced Materials.

The essential precondition for being happy in the great majority of our jobs is simple: you have to like small town life in a rural setting, where the great outdoors is near at hand. In short, you’ll be living where others go for vacations to get away from it all.

City people work at Rayonier Advanced Materials, too. Our Canadian headquarters is in Montréal and we have a corporate office in Toronto for management, sales teams and support staff.