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Working at Tembec

Internships for university students

Complement your studies with a term of related work experience in our operations.

Enhance your education and get a head start on building your career

  • Gain practical, paid work experience in line with your university studies. 
  • Enhance your professional knowledge and skills by working alongside permanent employees, guided by a seasoned supervisor.

Most of our internships are for students in engineering (Biochemical, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical), and we also need Business, Environmental Sciences, and Forestry students.

Build your workplace skills while you’re still a student

Each internship is a real job, with the student assigned specific responsibilities and an experienced supervisor. Our pay scale is competitive with comparable internship jobs in Canada.

You will work alongside permanent employees, absorbing valuable practical experience. We expect you to be an active contributor to your team, not a passive observer! Your responsibilities will include preparing progress reports and final presentations on all your projects.

Internship terms are aligned with school terms

Interns typically alternate job terms with university terms, so we align internships with the school year.

Internship job terms Time periods
Fall: September to December 4 months (14 to 16 weeks)
Winter: January to April 4 months (14 to 16 weeks)
Summer: May to August 4 months (14 to 16 weeks)
Year: September to August 12 months

You’ll live in a region where the lifestyle suits people who love the great outdoors

The great majority of our sites are located in exceptionally scenic parts of Québec and Ontario. So an internship means living in a small town, or even a rural setting. And if you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle – hiking, boating, fishing, skiing, you name it – chances are you’ll love working with Rayonier Advanced Materials.The combination of life experience and work experience will help you grow as an individual, too.

We're always looking for great people

Many of our interns work more than one term at Rayonier Advanced Materials – they want to return and we want them back, too! 

And, yes, we keep our eyes peeled for interns who look to be promising candidates for long-term careers. We expect about one-third of current employees will retire over the next five years or so and, consequently, we have an ongoing need for skilled and motivated people in all our businesses.