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Jobs in Kapuskasing

Current openings for professional, technical and manufacturing jobs in Kapuskasing

To ensure the future of the integrated Kapuskasing manufacturing site, we’re transforming our newsprint mill and investing in our sawmill.

We’re looking for great people to fill attractive career positions

We have 575 Kapuskasing employees in our newsprint mill, sawmill and wood chip operation, and forest resource management group. And we expect nearly half of these employees to retire over the next five years – so that means opportunity for job hunters.

Our Northern Ontario operations are interdependent

  • Newsprint mill is cost-competitive because it receives low-cost raw materials (residual woodchips and biomass) from our sawmills in Kapuskasing, Cochrane and Hearst, and it has low energy costs.
  • Sawmills are cost-competitive because the Kapuskasing newsprint mill uses their residuals – woodchips (to make pulp for newsprint) and biomass (bark, shavings, planer chips and sawdust) used as boiler fuel.
  • Forest resource management group – the Kapuskasing woodands operation – is the source for the timber which feeds our sawmills.

Newsprint mill

  • Our Kapuskasing newsprint mill, with 300 employees, produces a range of newsprint and controlled bulk paper grades, sold mainly to U.S. customers.
  • Two electricity turbines – one driven by water power and the other by a boiler fueled with biomass residuals from our sawmills (e.g. bark, shavings, planer chips and sawdust) generate green electricity, which contributes to reducing costs.
    • Steam from turbines is also used in newsprint machine dryers and sawmill kilns.
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Newsprint mill transformation has four high-level priorities

  • Improve safety performance
  • Strengthen leadership: Hire, develop and retain decisive, productive managers and supervisors.
  • Increase efficiency: Move forward process by process, department by department, function by function.
  • Improve competitiveness: Make mill a North American leader for costs, efficiency, productivity and products.

Softwood lumber sawmill and wood chip operation

  • Our Kapuskasing sawmill, with 125 employees, produces softwood (spruce, pine and fir) lumber as well as wood chips and biomass (bark, shavings, planer chips and sawdust).
  • The sawmill produces stud lumber, used mainly in construction.
  • As part of our long-term plan to improve competitiveness, the Kapuskasing sawmill is slated for significant investments in 2018 and 2020.
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Forest Resource Management

  • RYAM Forest Management has 100 Forest Resource Management (FRM) employees at Kapuskasing.
  • The FRM group is responsible for forest management planning and forestry operations in the Gordon Cosens Forest.

Kapuskasing is in Northeastern Ontario

  • With a population of nearly 10,000, the bilingual community of Kapuskasing is the service center for several smaller nearby communities.
  • Kapuskasing’s housing costs are well below the Canadian average.
  • Like most towns in the boreal forest region, Kapuskasing is surrounded by lakes and rivers, so the area is attractive to those who like canoeing, kayaking, boating and fishing.
  • Forest products is a major local industry, as is recreational tourism (e.g. hiking, hunting).
  • The area is known for winter sports: cross-country skiing, curling hockey and snowmobiling.
  • Kapuskasing is a two-hour drive from Timmins – the largest city in the region with a population of 42,000 – which is served by flights from Toronto and Ottawa.

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