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We’re recruiting for two more engineers, to make the most of a $136 million investment

About Dany Gagnon

Dany GagnonDany, who joined Tembec in September 2015 with a mandate to lead the transformation, is building on his success leading change management programs in the automotive, brewing and agri-food industries. He is a mechanical engineer with a specialization in aeronautics and has a certification in process management. His global perspective reflects his experience working in the US, Asia and Europe, as well as Canada.

Temiscaming site, in brief

  • One of the largest forest products manufacturing sites in North America.
  • 800 site employees – 80% unionized under one collective agreement / 20% staff.
  • Three main mills that manufacture different forest products: specialty cellulose, high-yield pulp and coated bleached board (containerboard); and a chemical products facility.

Temiscaming transformation

The objective is to make Temiscaming a highly-competitive world-class operation for the long term. This will enable us to meet customer expectations for quality and reliability, as well as community expectations for sustainability, while ensuring profitability for Rayonier Advanced Materials.

Dany Gagnon
November 02, 2017

We’re now recruiting for an Engineer, Projects (Civil/Structural) and a Project Engineer (Mechanical) to work on a capex program to improve the competitiveness of the Temiscaming manufacturing site – the centerpiece of a $136 million investment to improve Tembec’s Québec operations.

This is one of the larger engineering projects underway in Eastern Canada, and we have already strengthened our engineering team with several recent hires. The project is part of our ongoing transformation of the Temiscaming site into a world-class operation.

We have a bias for engineers who are well-versed in new technologies because we believe that expertise will be a catalyst as we improve the site. The engineers we hire will stay on after the four-year capex program has been completed, and we expect they will become leaders on our engineering team over time. 

Great opportunity for engineers who want to make their mark

While the capex program focuses on our specialty cellulose manufacturing operation, it includes our high-yield pulp and coated bleached board mills, so the engineers we hire will be exposed to a wide range of operations. The Temiscaming site is one of the largest forest products operations in North America, so we offer lots of scope.

Rayonier Advanced Materials (RYAM), which is acquiring Tembec, is more than eager to accelerate Tembec’s capex plans. This is good news, because it reflects RYAM’s financial strength and commitment to improve our operations.

As the global leader in specialty cellulose, RYAM has deep engineering and manufacturing expertise. We want to benefit from its knowledge and technology because we need the best possible input to get full value from every dollar we invest. We are also drawing on the ideas and experience of engineers and technicians from our Tartas, France, specialty cellulose site. 

All this is to say that the engineers will be exposed to high level knowledge. I’m an engineer, and in the earlier stages of my career I’d have been thrilled to work on a project like this!

Temiscaming’s capex program targets continuous improvement and equipment reliability

One particular area is new DCS (digital control systems) technology for monitoring and controlling process variables (e.g. temperatures, volumes and temperatures among others), because our existing equipment is out of date. We need engineers with the education and skills to help us get ahead of the curve in this area.

I believe we can differentiate ourselves with tailor-made DCS solutions that provide better information in real time. For example, by improving the on-screen interface in our control rooms, we will give our operators the ability to ‘chat’ with manufacturing equipment and take immediate actions that will improve productivity, costs and quality.

We are also planning to do significant work on our wastewater treatment facility, and on the equipment which controls our greenhouse gas emissions. Optimizing fiber usage is another priority.

Finally, we want to improve energy usage. One example would be reducing the site’s need for steam in manufacturing operations (e.g. for drying pulp), so we can use that steam to generate green electricity which in turn creates revenues.

Looking for engineers who want to make a difference

Above and beyond professional and technical skills, we are looking for engineers who do not hesitate to 1) bring forward new ideas; 2) make good things happen; and 3) ‘challenge up’ the organization. We’ve already met with some strong candidates, and are hungry to meet more.

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