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With Rayonier Advanced Materials, Temiscaming is an even better career choice

About Dany Gagnon

Dany GagnonDany, who joined Tembec in September 2015 with a mandate to lead the transformation, is building on his success leading change management programs in the automotive, brewing and agri-food industries. He is a mechanical engineer with a specialization in aeronautics and has a certification in process management. His global perspective reflects his experience working in the US, Asia and Europe, as well as Canada.

Temiscaming site, in brief

  • One of the largest forest products manufacturing sites in North America.
  • 800 site employees – 80% unionized under one collective agreement / 20% staff.
  • Three main mills that manufacture different forest products: specialty cellulose, high-yield pulp and coated bleached board (containerboard); and a chemical products facility.

Temiscaming transformation

The objective is to make Temiscaming a highly-competitive world-class operation for the long term. This will enable us to meet customer expectations for quality and reliability, as well as community expectations for sustainability, while ensuring profitability for Rayonier Advanced Materials.

Dany Gagnon
January 23, 2018

On November 20, Rayonier Advanced Materials (RYAM) completed the acquisition of Tembec, and the 800 employees at the Temiscaming site officially became RYAM employees. 

My general observation is that our employees are very positive about RYAM, eager to be part of this new adventure, and more than open to moving forward as part of a stronger company. 

RYAM is more diversified, more international, more stable - and positioned to invest in growth across the business. Our posters boil it down to four words: One Company, One Future.

All this makes the Temiscaming site an even better choice for job-hunters who want to build a career with a manufacturer that is committed to continuous improvement and growth.

RYAM represents continuity and change for the better

RYAM will continue to operate all former Tembec sites and maintain a Canadian HQ in Montréal. Most employees should see little change in their everyday roles and responsibilities.

Above and beyond the strong business case for combining two companies with complementary products and geographic locations, I believe the openness to RYAM on the part of Temiscaming employees reflects the progress of the site's transformation project over the last two years.

In short, we have created a consensus at Temiscaming about the importance of doing things differently to improve our efficiency and productivity. It's all about change for the better.

With this in mind, when our Chairman, President and CEO, Paul Boynton, spoke to a large group of Temiscaming employees on November 20, I was taken by his comments on the importance of balancing RYAM's four pillars of growth:

  1. Cost transformation – doing a better job with what we have today. 
  2. Market optimization – selling our products at the best price, through the best channels.
  3. New products – growing by developing new ideas for our customers. 
  4. Acquisitions – if we pull together and do a good job with pillars 1, 2 and 3, we deserve the right to look for other opportunities to expand our business.

Over the past two years we've had a similar mindset and used similar language - focusing on costs, discipline and execution - knowing that if we do all that well we will succeed. We've also worked to develop the leadership and supervisory skills of managers and first-line supervisors.

The next phase of the Temiscaming transformation is to pick up the pace, to become more competitive more quickly. 

Other priorities include finding and implementing synergies with RYAM, and establishing communications with our sister mills so we can share best practices.

Finally, RYAM is also committed to maintaining our major capital investment program to improve the site, so our plate is full! 

The last word, on our first priority 

Among other things during his talk at the Temiscaming site, Paul Boynton spoke about the importance of sharing the same vision of everyone going home injury free every day. And he received warm applause after asking employees to agree that being the best in our industry for safety and health was our top objective.

It's worth noting that earlier in that first day as RYAM employees, everyone at the Temiscaming site received a new RYAM hard hat. This underlines the company's commitment to safety - and to aligning words and deeds.