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Working at Tembec

Our Temiscaming transformation is well underway

About Dany Gagnon

Dany GagnonDany, who joined Tembec in September 2015 with a mandate to lead the transformation, is building on his success leading change management programs in the automotive, brewing and agri-food industries. He is a mechanical engineer with a specialization in aeronautics and has a certification in process management. His global perspective reflects his experience working in the US, Asia and Europe, as well as Canada.

Temiscaming site, in brief

  • One of the largest forest products manufacturing sites in North America.
  • 800 site employees – 80% unionized under one collective agreement / 20% staff.
  • Three main mills that manufacture different forest products: specialty cellulose, high-yield pulp and coated bleached board (containerboard); and a chemical products facility.

Temiscaming transformation

The objective is to make Temiscaming a highly-competitive world-class operation for the long term. This will enable us to meet customer expectations for quality and reliability, as well as community expectations for sustainability, while ensuring profitability for Rayonier Advanced Materials.

Dany Gagnon
March 08, 2017

My profession is transforming manufacturing operations, and this one has three main priorities.

1 – Eliminating health and safety incidents 

This is also Tembec’s top priority overall. Tembec has steadily improved safety performance in recent years, but to further improve we need to change both our thinking and our behavior regarding safety. So eliminating injuries is one aspect of this transformation.

2 – Increasing efficiency

We will do this in steps by rethinking how we work and making a series of improvements process-by-process, department-by-department, function-by-function.

The recent implementation of a new automated attendance and payroll system is a typical example of increasing efficiency. It makes far better use of our time, energy and effort. Among other benefits, it gives us instant information about who is on site, which is critical in the case of an emergency evacuation.

3 – Improving competitiveness

We have to make the site overall and each of our manufacturing mills measure up against our competitors around the world. All our products compete in global markets so world-class is not a buzzword for us. It is a must.

We have already made significant progress by reorganizing our specialty cellulose manufacturing and site services operations. We are also investing in a program to improve the leadership skills and business acumen of our supervisors and managers – they have to keep up with our business-minded competitors in the U.S., Brazil, Norway and elsewhere in Canada. And learning new skills helps spur personal growth, too!

We have benchmarked our mills against competitors worldwide so we know what we have to achieve regarding efficiency and productivity. Our customers are generally global industry leaders, and we have to be at the top of our game to meet their standards and expectations now and into the future.